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Let me introduce myself, my name is Natalie Kirby and I am a certified New Insights PRO life coach since April 2015 and a Bsc(Hons) Psychology graduate (2010). I was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa in 2013, where I now reside with my husband, my gorgeous 1 year old boy and two cheeky golden retrievers.

My career history so far has included working in international banking for 7 years. Within this time I accumulated extensive experience and interaction with people across customer facing units. At the start of my career I worked predominantly with call centre staff in a training and development capacity. My transition to a Service Improvement manager allowed me to make a difference in the call centre working alongside senior management and directors to improve staff performance and overall customer experience. Once promoted to a Senior Change analyst, my platform extended to creating strategic relationships with stakeholders across divisions of a global business. Upon emigrating to Cape Town, I decided to return to my psychology roots where I feel I can make the most difference to peoples lives. I found a passion for developing people and I believe it is my purpose to use my experience and knowledge to make an impact on a broader scale.

Recent work includes –  clients enrolled on the 13 session work life balance programme. Business success & work life balance intensive coaching of senior management staff within the Spier Wine Farm & Hotel.





My vision is to inspire people to live their dreams and unlock their true potential. I define my coaching style as focused, driven and motivating. I am there as a coach to support you in building your success and developing you towards your goal. I provide an open and calm space for you to feel nurtured and respected. With compassion comes my ability to be firm and ensure you are being pushed to greatness.

  • Looking for a new direction in life?
  • Are you facing challenges in your career?
  • Do you need support in a major change in your life?
  • Maybe you simply want some focus time on yourself

Drop me an email or comment on this page to start your journey in discovering the possibilities…

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2 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome

  1. hi there.i met you at a market place in sunningdale.I would like to find out when is your next session,please?
    this is very interesting what you do.

    Thank you!
    God bless!


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